Birthright HB Child & Family Care - Pukemokimoki Marae

Birthright HB Child & Family Care - Pukemokimoki Marae

16 Jan 2017 (All day)

At the beginning of each year Birthright Hawke’s Bay Child & Family Care takes a day out to reflect on our social work practices and to identify areas for development – as an organisation, as a team and as individuals.

We hold these hui’s at the Pukemokimoki Marae as it provides the perfect setting to work collaboratively together with an open mind and spirit.

Recent themes that we have explored and “workshopped” include Results Based Accountability (RBA) population outcomes and performance measures which allow us to measure “how much did we do, how well did we do it, and is anyone better off?”

“These measurements are now part of our reporting requirements with the Ministry of Social Development and we have also incorporated them into our staff appraisal KPI’s so it has been really beneficial to get everyone on the same page with the understanding that we all (social workers and management) are measured on the same criteria as our organisation. It really aligns everything we do” says Sharon Allan, Birthright HB Practice Manager.

Other topics introduced at our hui’s included Time Management - and avoiding time wasters, Empowerment and Engagement - better engagement with clients to identify their needs and goals more accurately and Motivational Interviewing – new ideas on how we approach and work with clients for better outcomes.

Trevor Adsett, Chief Executive Birthright HB comments “these days are really valuable to the organisation, management and team as we all get on the same page, use the power and experience of the team to identify and find solutions for work related issues and for everyone to feel that they contribute to the overall development and success of Birthright HB. It’s a worthwhile exercise and I highly recommend this type of team building and problem solving approach.” 

Pukemokimoki Marae, Riverbend Rd, Napier